Sunday, October 03, 2010

New Vision

Hey all...

A bunch has happened since my last post of being overwhelmed - yes still feeling that way, but with a more positive outlook.

Facebook is wonderful. My sister and I have linked up with a bunch of cousins on Facebook. All it took was linking up with one and next thing you know there were a flood of invites of distant cousins. That was so wonderful. So we are planning to visit Winnsboro, LA Thanksgiving week to meet these cousins as well as touch base with the family we already know. Should be fun as we've never been.

Of course I'm going to turn it into a research week as well, already making my notes and travel plans for that week as well. Going to visit Concordia and Catahoula Parishes while there to dig through some county paperwork, visit some cemeteries and praying I get some good info.

I'll keep you updated!