Thursday, February 11, 2010

75 Years of Strength

Hello All,

I know it has been awhile since I've blogged - believe me when I say I have all of the intentions to do so, it just ends up falling on the back burner, due to the day job that has me traveling a lot. But I hope to figure out a way to make blogging one of the top priorities soon.

In any case, I did want to share with you what I did this past weekend. My Aunt Sally just celebrated her 75th birthday on February the 3rd.  I created her a scrapbook that did a brief review of her life as well as add pictures of her 4 children and their children & grandchildren - I also gave her a copy of the family tree I've been working on (although it is no where near complete).  I thought it would be a nice idea to at least show her how far I've gotten with her assistance. She was very touched and ecstatic about everything, my cousins (her children) were jealous, hahaha - as I had given the best gift so far. Now everyone wants their own scrapbook w/ the same details - so I'll be busy on that project as well.

Being I cannot place the entire scrapbook online for all to see, I did want to share the personal tribute I placed in the scrapbook from me to my wonderful Aunt Sally. She is sarcastic, hilarious, a lover of science fiction, still smoking, has an addiction for scratch off cards and a soap opera addict. However behind all of that drama, this is the most loving woman I know. She is controlled, tries not to show it so much, but just looking in her eyes you can tell just how much love she has for her family - she is our Matriarch.

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Comes when you seek it, comes when you least expect it
If one truly pays attention Family mirrors Inspiration in so many ways…
Aunt Sally, for as much as you are my family you have also been my Inspiration.
Love you more than words can say.
Happy 75th Birthday and many more…

Once upon a time in the land of East Liverpool, Ohio (if we must be precise, Sunday, the 3rd of February 1935) the Stork of Happenstance knocked long & hard at the door of Clarence Edward Tyree & Ethel Elizabeth Johnson school sweethearts that had no clue of what the Stork had in store for the young couple.
Ruth Ethelda Johnson was the name bestowed upon this unique creature. Now being that I’m telling this story 75 years after the fact, I really can’t say why she was named Ruth, however the stars are inclined to believe it was from the Book of Ruth from the Holy Bible (being both parents were active in their respective churches). The name Ethelda comes from her Mother’s name Ethel. And Johnson… well, you can make the connection.
My sources tell me she was a good student as well as a soloist in her church’s choir which was frequently featured on an East Liverpool local radio station. She graduated from East Liverpool High School and joined the military, both Navy and the Army where she met and married William Alvin Christopher Jr.
Born during a time when opportunities for young ladies were scarce and adding the term Negro didn't make the opportunities that much greater - Ruth made a way for herself. Graduation, Military Service, Widow at 31 and rearing a family with four young children as well as taking care of her Mother and young sister Maxine – she did all this and made it look as simple as tying a shoelace. However, we all know it wasn't easy, I’m sure there were many a night when the house was still, she questioned her strength and her ability – yet each day she packed away those doubts and made it happen anyway.
As her Niece she may never know how much I respect her for that. Without her my mother would have never moved to California and met my father. I’m sure she doesn't want the credit for that, but hey without that union there would be no me. ;)
So I offer you a minor journey of those that had the stars not aligned and that Stork of Happenstance not visited Clarence and Ethel and blessed them with Ruth Ethelda Johnson Christopher, there would be no US…
Felicia Monique Addison aka Fish
February 2010