Sunday, January 05, 2014

Happy New Year - It's All About Connections!

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know it has been awhile.  I haven't totally been out of the loop of genealogy; although I have to admit I haven't been as active as I have in the past.  Well that is the keyword:  PAST.  I am back!  Yayy!!! 

I am setting my calendar to do more volunteering in genealogy.  Believe it or not it actually helps! I'm up against so many brick walls it is not even funny! But I find that when I help others I get more creative in research and then apply it to my own research and believe it or not, it does tend to help! I visit records I'm not familiar with from various states, which creates triggers on where I should be looking in my own research.  Taking a look at family make-ups, name variations and even handwriting! All of these help with my research, simply by helping someone with theirs.  

I've also been using Facebook to connect with cousins out there (mainly the ones I do not know).  I find that when you open yourself up personally to these cousins and they see your likes, dislikes, crazy comments, family pics -  you become more engaged with their lives and them yours.  

I also created two Facebook Groups for my family lines.  I've named them, "I AM ADDISON" and "I AM THOMAS" (don't kill me for creativity, lol).  I invited cousins and people that are in my friends list that have the surname or have some relation to that surname.  Then I had them add people from their friends list.  I am proud to say that "I AM ADDISON" is booming, "I AM THOMAS" is not as lively, but by this year's trip to Louisiana in April, I hope to remedy that situation.  

In my family groups I share my research.  I post pictures and/or documents.  I share stories of these ancestors or my vision of what their story may hold.  I find that sometimes when I stare at a picture or a record and read various things, I can imagine their story, yes even that helps with research.  

When I invite people, I have them introduce themselves and advising who their parents names are and their grandparents, and great grands (if they know).  This helps me by knowing where to place them on the family tree. I also invite others to post stories and pictures of their families and especially the old pictures (a sure way to get pictures I have never seen.). 

I've even invite other African-American's with the last name of Addison (since it seems that every Addison I come across there is a link in relation).  Sometimes you can't find the direct link, but it answers questions on who you are and aren't related to and you help another family in their research.  

You see where I'm going with this... help, help, help... Give and you shall receive!

So that is my quick summary for the beginning of this new fabulous year! So far I have the following planned for 2014: Blog more, February Black Family History Day for AAGSNC (; April, Louisiana to bond with family and do some research.  Well I'm up to April so far! So I'm getting it in! 

Brick Walls were built to be bulldozed - if they can be built, they can be destroyed.  That is my new mantra in regard to my research.

Until next time - find your people, they are waiting!  

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