Saturday, September 03, 2011

Winnsboro, LA

I just spent the evening with my Father's first cousin's, one I know very well (Dee Dee, the elder I wanted to follow back to Winnsboro when he left Cali). And a bunch I've never seen before. The ones I had never met, Samuel & Lee - his Paternal cousin's felt like I was looking into my Father's eyes. Comforting and needed. I was a Daddy's Girl, so not seeing those eyes for 17 years and to finally look at several pair was a good feeling.

I listened to stories of my Father as a child saw locations of where he walked, played, fell got up and tried again. I can feel him here.

I shared my research history with them and found out there are two others doing research as well; one I got a chance to speak with her, she lives in Jena, LA and another cousin who I will meet tomorrow who I am told has the pictures...

Can't wait, tired as all get out so going to call it a night I huge day tomorrow, can't wait. Ashe!
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