Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's in a Name?

Family research has brought up some unique names and even though as an African-American and early on our names were given to us by slave masters, I still believe there are signs/signals in those names.  

I was born Felicia Monique, my mother told me she named me after a little girl she would catch the bus with in the morning while she was pregnant with me; who used to make her laugh and touched her stomach and told her that I would be a girl.  Now keep in mind this is before the Doctor's would tell you if you should start stocking up on blue or pink gear.  Now maybe I'm digging a little too deep here, but I know that everything has a meaning/definition (that's why I love proverbs and the dictionary so much).  

As I continue on with my Family Research I decided to find out the meanings of my known  (I say known because I'm still researching) Great Grandparent's names down to the Parents to see if there was a pattern somewhere.  

Here we go - I'm doing this as I create this blog - so either it will equate to something or maybe it won't, here goes:

Maternal 4th Great Grandparents:
Samuel (His name is God) Mills/Rachel (Ewe) Prince
Paternal 3rd Great Grandparents:
John (God is Gracious) Addison/3GGM Unknown 
Ellen (light, torch, bright) Allen/3GGF Unknown
Zephirin (west wind)Patterson/Lottie (Free Man) Williams
Arthur (Bear or Stone) Williams/Adelaine (Noble)

Maternal 3rd Great Grandparents:
William (will, desire, helmet, protection) Mills/Marilla(bitter)
Paternal 2nd Great Grandparents:
William (will, desire, helmet, protection) Addison/Hettie(home ruler)
Henry (home ruler) James/Isabella (God is my vow) Monroe
William (will, desire, helmet, protection)Thomas/Jane (God is gracious) LaBauve
George (earth worker) Patterson/Theresa (Harvester) Williams

Maternal 2nd Great Grand Parents:
Hiram (my brother is exhaulted) Mills/Martha (Lady)
Major (greater) Buford/Mary (bitter) Gaines
Thomas (twin)McCoy/Eliza (My God is a vow) Marshall
Paternal Great Grandparents:
Nathan (He(God) has given) Addison/Kate (pure) James
Alfred (elf counsel/itself)Thomas/Della (noble) Patterson

Maternal Great Grandparents:
William (will, desire, helmet, protection)  Mills/Susan (lily) Buford
William(will, desire, helmet, protection) Hamm/Alice (noble/kind)McCoy
Spencer (someone who gives out goods) Addison/Alberta (noble & famous) Thomas
John (God is Gracious) Mills/Ethel (righteous noble) Johnson (Hamm)
Spencer (someone who gives out goods) Addison Jr.
Lois(more desirable/better) Maxine (Little Maximus) Johnson (Mills)
Felicia (happy/lucky/fortunate) Monique (advisor) Addison

Well I'd say there was Spirituality and Pride all over the place when I lived all those years ago.  Yes... Giants.

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