Monday, May 30, 2011

Liar or Great Storyteller?

I know it has been a moment since I've blogged about my research.  Either I'm digging in deep or assisting others with their research; which I have found to be excellent in helping me with my own research.  It clears my mind, allows other ideas to flow in research that would have probably never occurred to me with my own.

So lately I've been reading my notes, finally made it to the library to look at more yearbooks/directories and while looking at my Father's yearbooks I noticed that some of the stories he used to share w/ me as a child about his High School experience, is not necessarily true. Per his stories, he played Basketball ran Track and was very well known - yet the yearbooks didn't show him listed on any teams.  Then in his Senior yearbook, after they show the pictures of the graduating class, they list them all by name and mention the sports/clubs that each student participated in.  Guess what?  It only showed his name.  No sports, no clubs/activities.  He was just your average student.

Now I figure some family members will read this and be not only disappointed, but probably very upset w/ me for even putting this out there.  Yet I know it needs to be clarified and guess what?  It doesn't change not one bit how wonderful of a father, friend, cousin this man was.  It doesn't change that.  Anyone that knew my father, knew he was a character, could make you laugh, scream and cry.  Very entertaining, so yes, maybe he told us a "story" about his High School experience, but as his Daughter, I look at it in a totally different light.  I look at it as him wanting to show his children what his dreams for himself were as a child, that maybe didn't come to fruition.  Maybe he wanted to be that Basketball Star, Lord knows he had the height for it.  Maybe he wanted to be that Track Star, he had the legs and speed for it.  

Yet, as I look over his life and realize the challenges he had while being a teenager, to say he even made it across that stage is a miracle in itself.  So in my eyes he is that Basketball and that Track Star.  He had the talent for it, life just didn't afford him the space to accomplish it.  The focus and attention had to be given to figuring out how to handle being bounced from home to home while attempting to stay in school.  It would have been much easier to give up, which he didn't do.  Yet he had dreams, even then that makes me feel good. That even as dark as some of those days were for him, he still saw the light.  Now being that my father was an atheist that is sort of humorous to me and if he were here today, that is exactly what I would tell him, "Daddy that was God, the light was God".  

Now I understand why he made sure to always have a stable place of residence for his children to call home. Even as awkward as the living situation in my childhood was, it was always stable.  I felt pulled, being both Daddy's Girl and Momma's Baby, yet never did I doubt the love, it was there in a abundance.  So yes Spencer Addison is my Great Storyteller, who knew?

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