Sunday, August 08, 2010


Fellow Genealogist - I'm at that point. So much info, too little time and not enough hands to help with it. I swear I'm mixing up ancestors, names jumbling together and we won't even go into the fact that my laptop crashed taking with it all of my wonderful notes and work and I feel like pulling out my hair. Or how about my teeth, one at a time without pain medicine!!!

My family seems interested, but no one is reaching out to help me w/ this documentation of where we come from and where we are going. Yet my passion is enough to keep the fuel burning - still I can't help feel overwhelmed by this.

Yet... the reason to keep going is take a look at this baby picture - THIS is our future, one of the latest additions to our family. I have to keep going for the kids. I don't want them guessing where they came from. I want them to be able to pull out my notes, pictures, memories of who their ancestors were. If I were to die today, my Grand Niece Lovenia Monet Smith (top left) will grow up knowing pretty much from day one who her Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents were and that is much better than where I started. I didn't know about my GGGGrandparents until 2 years ago and I'm 41. So see there is progress.

Yes, I'm overwhelmed but again, the passion outweighs it. I think I'll step away for a month, clear my head and then tackle it again - get everything back in order, build my computer database again (and promise not to cry while doing so). I can't help to think how much fun it would be for some family members to love it as much as I do, understand the importance of it and wave a friendly hand that wouldn't mind helping with the research, gathering the pictures, something... ;)

Overwhelmed but in Love w/ My Family...

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